Purchase 1 lb of Bananas
Purchase 1 Pound of Bananas for the Westside Food Bank in California, USA.

Westside Food Bank is an independent, non-governmental, 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation founded in 1981, which provides food to social service agencies on the Westside of Los Angeles County. Our food often enables low-income people to stay in their homes, deterring the problem of homelessness, because it saves them from having to make the agonizing choice between paying for rent or food when they can’t afford both. Receiving our food also enables our 70 member-agencies to devote more of their own resources to other ways of helping clients achieve self respect and economic independence. Westside Food Bank supplies food to the food assistance programs of social service agencies in Santa Monica, Venice, Culver City, West Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Inglewood, and the LAX area. Through the services of our member agencies, our food reaches the most vulnerable members of these communities, including: Children in preschool, after-school, and day-care programs who don’t get enough to eat at home and whose health, academic performance, and general well-being are threatened by hunger. Unemployed, under-employed, and working poor people who need help making ends meet. Seniors on fixed incomes and the frail elderly. Women and children living in domestic violence shelters. Homeless individuals who are without the basic necessities. The mentally ill, the disabled, and those with chronic illnesses who need assistance. Veterans who may face the challenges of readjustment, ill-health, or poverty.