Re-inspire disengaged donors, acquire new lifelong donors and have businesses feature and market your cause around the world.

  • Always Receive 100% of Donations Required for Impact Fulfillment
  • Receive Donations Checks Bi-Annually. Click here for Terms and Conditions
  • World Wide Marketing and Distribution
  • Acquire New Lifelong Donors
  • World Wide Marketing and Distribution by KARMAKARMA, through partners such as Micrsoft-Bing, Swagbucks, Sony, MTV, TMZ, AirMiles Cash Rewards, and Frontiersmedia

The KARMAKARMA Card was created to give users the peace of mind of knowing what impact their contribution actually accomplishes. After making a donation, donors are often left uncertain of what their donation will do to alleviate a specific need. We fill this gap, by offering our users tangible ways to make impacts around the world.



The KARMAKARMA Card Program partners with Not-For-Profit Organizations to define tangible impacts such as Planting a Tree, Giving a Meal to a Child or Feeding a Puppy for a Day. By featuring micro impacts, we engage users and allow them to see the real impact they are making in the world.

Once you become a cause partner, we work to advertise your impact within our growing networks. With an array of clients in retail, loyalty clubs and user engagement programs to feature and promote your impact, we drive donations and spread awareness for your cause to new, previously out of reach markets.

  1. Sign up for Free and Define an Impact you would like to Feature!
  2. We Promote your Impact and will Send you a Check Twice a Year!
  3. You Provide us with Updates and Feedback on Impact Fulfillment.
We promote your cause

We promote your cause

How do I define an impact?
Be as specific as possible! Find a program or project within your organization that you would like to feature, then work it down to a micro level. What do we mean by micro level? Divide up your impact by days, hours, materials used, people impacted, food items etc. The more specific you can get it, the better! For inspiration and impact examples click here.

How is KARMAKARMA Card different than other donation sites?
The KARMAKARMA Card was created to give users the peace of mind of knowing what impact their contribution actually accomplishes. Even after making a donation, donors are often not certain what their donation will do to alleviate a specific need.

What amount of contributions is actually being donated to Cause Partners?
We work with you to defined impactful micro-actions and you let us know how much it costs to complete impact fulfillment. We will wire 100% of the fulfillment cost amount to you, so the action can be accomplished.

How can users get KARMA Points?
Users can receive Impact Points through several different channels such as loyalty clubs, employee engagement programs, and retail businesses. We are currently work with clients such as Swagbucks, Sony- GSN, AirMiles, Frontier Media etc. For Client Case Studies click here.

How often are donations sent to Cause Partners?
KARMAKARMA will send your organization a check twice per year, January and July of each year, provided the organization has accrued $250 or more in donations. If the organization has earned less than $250, the funds will be rolled over until $250 or more is reached during a payout cycle. For full Terms and Conditions click here.

How many Cause Partners do you work with?
KARMAKARMA works with over 250+ charity partners and features over 150+ charity impact profiles on its page. For a full list of cause partners and featured impacts click here.


We use industry-accepted standards and the following measures to ensure the sustainability, efficiency, accountability, transparency and results of our cause partners. For more details, please contact us at info@karmakarma.com.