Finance an Urban Garden
Finance a youth's participation in Project Youth Green and provide them access to a green space with fruits and vegetables as well as hands-on educational opportunities in California, USA.

Project Youth Green is a four acre community revitalization project that focuses on youth education, community gardening and healthy living. “Gardening is wonderful it teaches you about other Latino cultures. My family has a plot here and it provides an opportunity for youth to interact with other youth. I’m also learning a lot about organic food and it’s making me a better gardener.” -Raphael Salcedo, Pacoima Resident Project Youth Green targets low-income youth and families who have no access to green space, fruits and vegetables or hands-on educational opportunities. Two acres of the garden are devoted to the Learning Garden, an area created specifically for the educational development of youth. The other 2 acres are devoted to a 60-plot Family Gardeners Program, fruit tree orchard, walking paths and physical education space. The Family Gardeners Program is where families have their own plot to grow fresh fruits and vegetables, have access to nutritional information in order to make fresh produce a sustainable part of their diet. Project Youth Green is a program of the nonprofit Youth Speak Collective. For more information visit them online at: or call 818-890-2928.