Save 184 Gallons of Water! 
Your redemption removes and converts 9.2 sq ft of turf to drought tolerant plantscape, saving 184 gallons of water per year.

San Jose Conservation Corps & Charter School (SJCC&CS) has provided quality career technical education programs for 23,000 at-risk youth throughout Santa Clara County for over 27 years.  It is the mission of San Jose Conservation Corps & Charter School to provide youth with a quality high school education and valuable work and life skills that empower them to become responsive, productive and caring citizens.    The Water Conservation Career Program is responding to the growing water crisis in California.  The program is taking a proactive approach to implement projects to conserve water within our region (Santa Clara County).  The programs focus is to train 18-26 year olds in the theory of water conservation, turf conversion to drought tolerant plantscapes and rainwater harvesting systems.  The program design enables these young adults to gain hands-on installation experience, while partnering with industry professionals to install residential and commercial systems for on-the-job training.   The San Jose Conservation Corps just completed its first water conservation project with the County of Santa Clara.  This was a medium scale turf conversion project which removed 28,000 square feet of high water use turf.  The project will save approximately 560,000 gallons of water per year. Twenty-five (25) corpsmembers (trainees) participated in this project and installed non-woven fabric and sheet mulching for weed suppression, drought tolerant plantscapes and drip irrigation systems.   It is our program goal to lead the transformation of public landscapes for immediate and on-going water conservation, storm water management and to accelerate the development of SJCC&CS’s technical and professional capacity to offer water conservation system design and installation services.