Send 150 Books to Africa
Send 150 books to Morocco and help end the book famine.

At Books For Africa, we believe that education is the great equalizer in the world, and books are at the foundation of a strong educational system. Access to an education is one of the only opportunities young people have to end the cycle of poverty and attain a better quality of life than previous generations. Books For Africa works to help children who otherwise would not attend school by supplying educational materials to reduce or eliminate education costs. Books For Africa strives to help create a culture of literacy and provide the tools of empowerment to the next generation of parents, teachers, and leaders in Africa. In many classrooms, 10-20 students share one textbook. Many people in the United States take these educational necessities for granted, but children in Africa cherish books. Although Books For Africa has made tremendous progress in its mission, the book famine in Africa remains a reality. Empty library shelves are a constant reminder of Africa’s desperate need for printed materials. If we are to see the day when African school children are to have the books they need to learn the skills necessary to provide for themselves and others, Books For Africa must continue to send millions of books. Every day, Books For Africa receives letters and e-mails from teachers across Africa in great need of books. Books For Africa is the low cost provider of books to the African continent. We load 40-foot sea containers with 22,000 books, packed to order per the recipient’s request. The books are shipped to the recipient and distributed to school libraries, orphanages, adult literacy programs, and community resource centers.