Send Flip Flops to Chile
Provide one pair of Flip Flops to someone in need in Chile.

Walking bare foot can lead to a number of problems especially when you live in the many 3rd world countries around the globe.There is approximately 6 billion people on the planet and 4 billion of these people live in poor conditions. Since the time they are born, walking is their number one way of transportation and walking barefoot in dirt and in undeveloped areas can lead to serious injuries, that lead to disease, and possibly death. A simple cut on the foot or sore can create a welcome center for all kinds parasites and diseases spreading sickness throughout the body. Flip-flops are an affordable source of shoes to place on someones feet. Also they are a nice cool & light shoe that many people can wear in hot and humid climates like countries in Africa, South America, and other parts of the world. Closed toed shoes, like sneakers, can carry up to 9 species of bacterial, if they are not properly cleaned if they get dirty. Many of the people who receive shoes like this, and get them dirty in the mud and poor conditioned areas do not have the sources to keep their shoes clean enough. Flip-flops can help prevent many of these issues and much more including bloodborne pathogens, deformities, and amputations.